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The Advocacy Service is available two days per week – Mondays & Tuesdays between 10:00am and 4:00pm.  It is an appointments based service.  


The Advocacy service adhere to the ethos of supporting and empowering clients to their full capacity so that they can in turn advocate for family members and others in the community.


The service has dealt with varying issues presented to them by thier clients including – housing benefit enquiries, benefit appeals, housing issues, employment matters, tribunal appeals, medical reviews, care plan approaches for clients and other general issues which ‘pop up’ from time to time.


The service has also been successful in applying for Community grants for clients who needed the grant to purchase much needed items in their homes. The Advocacy service assists clients with the completion of their applications on a regular basis and they also advise clients on which grants they can apply for and how often.   The Advocacy Service is an ‘Ad Hoc’ service which deals with numerous amounts of differing issues on behalf of their clients. 

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