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INUF is always searching for members whom we can support, which means we have made the Membership Application Form as simple as we can. If you need any help in filling this form, please ask our receptionists for help. For your membership form to be accepted, you must meet the following criteria:


  1. You must have a mental health condition, be a survivor, a carer or a mental health professional 

  2. You must be a resident of Newham

  3. You must be over 18 years of age. 

  4. You must make sure all the form is filled in, including your referee details. They may be a psychiatrist, a member of the Community Mental Health Team, a care worker, or a GP who knows your history.

  5. You must provide supporting documentation.

  6. A £10 Administration fee must be submitted with the application form


If you have any queries regarding the above criteria or the application form, please contact us. Once you submit the form, we will contact your referee. Please allow 21 days for your application form to be processed. We will contact you with the outcome, and then invite you to the induction that takes place every Friday at 2pm. Download our membership form here:

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