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Our Projects


Through INUF’s holistic approach, we attempt to improve the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of all our members’ lives.  We aim to keep an informal approach, and a relaxed atmosphere, where everyone feels welcomed and safe in our building.  This is extremely important, as it is through trust and camaraderie, that we manage to break the boundaries and stigma of mental health.

​The Holistic Programme consists of social, health and wellbeing activities, which include the Drop-in, INUF Garden Project, INUF Sports Project, Relaxation, Tai-Chi and Yoga.

The Drop-in is facilitated by service users and volunteers, who help all attendees socialise, encourage them to participate in various activities, provide support and advice, and provide signposting.  In turn, we encourage our facilitators to take official training courses like NVQ’s, ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) and other recognised qualifications, to equip them with the necessary skills needed to enrich their future employment prospects and their CV’s, and to enhance their own life-skills. 

Past & Present Activties

Project Funders

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