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INUF Job opportunity


Job Description

Role title: Admin Support

Reports to: Project Coordinator

Location: Ithaca House, 27 Romford Rd, Stratford, E15 4LJ

Hours: 3 hours a week at £8 per hour

Aims of the post

To provide administrative support to ensure efficient operation of the Organisation

Main duties and responsibilities

  • Support and carry out duties that are a direct extension of Staff activities:

  • Assisting in organisation of activities and events at INUF

  • Contacting referrals, potential members and updating the membership database

  • Updating of the Ithaca House promotional boards and updating website and social network content. Assist with the distribution of advertising and other material related to the projects.

  • Research information accurately for solutions that deliver services/resources more effectively.

  • Maintain confidentiality at all times in all aspects of the project especially when recording service users details and when storing or moving individual records between staff.

  • Attend training sessions and events, as necessary to ensure monitoring and evaluations are carried out effectively and provide your line manager with objective, qualitative reports as to the approved appropriateness of these sessions/events.

  • Provide your manager with additional statistical information as requested.

  • Attend team meetings and supervision sessions.

  • Keep up to date with developments in the organisation and mental health issues in general.

Key Skills

  • Operate ICT as required in order to undertake the duties of the post. The candidate must be proficient in using MS Word, MS Access, MS Outlook, MS Excel and be skilled in using numerous social network platform for advertising.

  • Communicate and correspond in a clear and concise manner with designated staff members in order to complete tasks.

  • The candidate must be self-motivated and flexible and be able to work in a dynamic environment- in a group setting and alone.

  • Good standard of general education, including GCSEs in Maths and English. The candidate must have good written English and good telephone and keyboard skills.

  • The candidate should have commendable patience, integrity and sensitivity towards mental health service users and survivors.

Equal opportunities

  • The Independent Newham Users Forum (Mental Health) are an Equal Opportunities organisation who does not discriminate regarding gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, age or disability

  • To abide by and promote INUF’s Equal Opportunities Policy

  • To take positive action to encourage the participation of mental health service users who experience discrimination for reasons of gender, national or ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, health status, use or past use of psychiatric services or any other unjustifiable reason.

  • To participate in the development and review of INUF guidelines and protocols

  • To adhere to INUF’s policies and procedures

Requirements & Timeline

1. Please email your CV and covering letter to by Friday 4th November 2016

2. Interviews will take place on Friday 18th November 2016

3. Two candidates will be chosen for a 2 week trial run from Monday 28th November 2016

4. The final candidate will be chosen by mid December for the post to begin in the New Year.

Good luck

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