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Ithaca House Gets a Name for Itself!

Ithaca House’s listed building status means that we cannot put big signs up on the brickwork outside to tell visitors or passers-by who we are, and it has also led to years of people coming into reception, looking for other addresses. We are, however, allowed to place signs on the glass, so we have finally put identifying signs on our main door and window. Sign & Art (, on the Romford Road, did a great job of providing the “antique gold” lettering, which now proudly gives our name and number, in a historically sympathetic style. We’re confident there should be a lot less confusion in the future!

The new signage.

Chris Tzanetis, INUF Manager, and Jenny Shepherd, Administrative Assistant, organised the new signs.

Chris Tzanetis, Rakesh Rishi, Men’s Group Organiser, and Jenny Shepherd, displaying their handiwork.

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