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Women’s Group Celebrate Summer with Poetry

Following a successful poetry workshop in March, on the subject of “Spring”, the INUF Women’s Group moved on to poetry about the next season, summer, on 14 June.

The workshop was led by INUF Administrative Assistant, Jenny Shepherd, who is also the organiser of the local branch of The Poetry Society.

Jenny Shepherd, reading out a poem.

The group started with hearing some poems about summer, by Spike Milligan, John Clare and Jenny Shepherd, then had the opportunity to write their own poems inspired by the theme of summer. After 10-15 minutes, those who wished to, read their poems out to the rest of the group. On the whole, it seems summer is most people’s favourite season, as almost all the poems were full of joy and delight. The poems will be typed up, and put up on the notice board, for all INUF members and staff to see.

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