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INUF Staff Contribute to Mental Health Workshop

Two members of INUF staff took part in a recent workshop organised by Newham Council to improve mental health services in the borough. The Prevention workshop was set up to address questions such as:

  • Are you concerned about rising levels of mental health problems in your community?

  • Do you have any ideas or suggestions that will help improve mental health issues in your neighbourhood?

  • Do you want to get involved in shaping your local community mental health promotion strategy?

Debbie Williams, receptionist, former service user and volunteer, spoke about her experience of Newham mental health services, the steps she had to take to get well, and how INUF helped her on this path. Humaira Hussain, Project Coordinator, described INUF’s role, aims and objectives, and how to become an INUF member.

Humaira also expressed INUF’s serious concerns regarding problems, many of which are caused by funding cuts, such as: the closure of mental health support groups and council organisations that support charities, for example, The Forum for Health and Wellbeing, which had provided funding, support and training to local charities; the excessive waiting times for access to services, for both Service Users and carers; a total lack of communication with Clinical Commissioning Groups and GPs; the lack of exit strategies for people leaving hospital; and the way service users are stuck in a cycle.

Debbie Williams addressing the Prevention Workshop.

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