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INUF Day Out at the London Tombs

About eight INUF members were lucky enough to go on a day trip to the London Bridge Experience & Tombs, on Friday 17 November. Here’s a description of the day from one of the members: "The first thing that you notice is the character dressed in an ancient suit standing at the front entrance of the London Tombs, around pictures of what lays within the attraction. When you enter the main entrance, a figure in a robe welcomes those brave enough to go on the tour, explaining the history of Tower Bridge.

The story is of how the bridge has been rebuilt around four times over the centuries. Amongst the attractions on show, is a miniature recreation of The Great Fire of London. It was interesting to see what Tower Bridge looked like during that moment in the bridge’s history.

Each guide told the visitors how London society has changed, and the telling of its dark secrets made the whole experience more exciting to the listener. The further you go along, the more the screams can be heard ahead of you, building up to the main feature: the walk in the dark maze. People have to hold onto each other’s shoulders, so no-one gets lost.

With each actor hidden unseen, jumping out and scaring those passing by, it was really effective, because you don’t see or hear them till the last moment. The scares and macabre experience grow the deeper you go. A fantastic day out was had by all."

Back row, from L-R: Amadu Tarawally, Matt Russell, Richard, Patt Brown (not really visible!), Chris Tzanetis. Middle row, L-R: Cordelia Ibe and Michael Ahern. Front: Humaira Hussain.

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