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Our South London Special League Success: A Player’s View

We travelled from Stratford to North Greenwich by train on 16 November, for our seventh round of games in the South London Special League (a disability league, for which we are in the highest difficulty level group).

Our coach, Andrew Grey, and key striker, Darren Seaborne, were both absent, so we shuffled round and welcomed Jermain Logan into defence.

We had consistently been achieving second place for the last six league games, so were hungry for the gold medal!

Immediately upon arrival, we were up against our main rivals, Waltham Forest. The 8-minute game started, and in the first few seconds, our striker, Asif Ali, managed to score a long-range goal! We managed to hold out the rest of the match, winning by a crucial 1- 0. The second and third games were also won, with goals scored by our newest player, Amadu Tarawally, and we won both games 1 - 0. The fourth game against Bromley was the best, and we managed to win 2 - 0.

At the end of the four games, we had 20 points on the score board, winning by a margin of 7 points. The winning gold medals were then awarded by an official, and we posed for the winning pictures!

We hope to maintain our form, achieving the same level of play in the other league we participate in, (PMA) Uxbridge, in which we are currently ranked second in this league, for the next series of upcoming fixtures!

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