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INUF "Takes to the Air"

INUF will soon be launching a podcast, which will be available from late March 2018. It will be accessible via You Tube, and possibly Soundcloud under the title, “INUF Said”.

Some of the equipment used to create the podcasts.

So far 12 podcasts have been produced, mainly about mental health matters, but also covering topics such as comic books, and the difference between veganism and vegetarianism. Each programme starts with an introduction on how to contact INUF, and a description of one of our projects. This is followed by information on a theme, such as self-medication, self-assertiveness and exercise.

DJ, Malachi Howe, also known as "MKH", who is helping out, with podcast producing expertise.

The team is aiming to create three podcasts a month, with each one currently lasting 15 minutes, but it is hoped they can be extended to half an hour. The programmes are presented by volunteers, Steven Coad and Michael Ahern, with Volunteer Coordinator, Trevor Jones hosting, and local DJ, Malachi Howe, AKA MKH, producing. Malachi runs a podcast called “The Unemployed Artist”, and he is also a camera operative, comedian and improvisation artiste.

Sone of the podcast production team. From left: Malachi Howe, Matt Russell and Michael Ahern.

The aim of the podcasts is to give members a voice, and to explain topics from “The Layman’s Perspective” in a light-hearted, accessible way.

Two of the "INUF Said" production team. From left: Matt Russell and Michael Ahern

The production of the podcasts was made possible by the W H Smith Trust’s scheme of Community Grants, where shoppers in their stores vote on local projects, by placing a chip in a container describing various local charities.

More of the equipment used to make "INUF Said".

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