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INUF Members Get on Their Bikes!

We held the first INUF Riders session on Thursday last week. The project is funded by Cycling Grants London, and we sought funding from them, as it is a low impact exercise that can help people of all ages. Health benefits are both physical and mental, and include: reduced anxiety, depression, and stress levels, improved cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength, plus increased flexibility and joint mobility.

Six service users took part on a dry, but slightly chilly morning. We are starting small, to focus on beginners, but will aim for up to 10 members per session in due course.

We had one total beginner and five people that hadn’t ridden a bike for a while, so were lacking in confidence. The members did have several little accidents and falls, so initially, didn’t want to get back on their bikes.

However, with the help of instructor, Paul, by the end of the session, everyone was pedalling away, and the more experienced were riding around the park in a line. We played a few games to improve skills, which included a slow race: the last to get to the finish line, wins - which helped with balance and the use of brakes; and the snake game, where we wove around each other, to practise use of the handle bars, and control of the bike.

If you’re interested in taking part, the free sessions are every Thursday, from 11am till 1pm. Bikes and safety gear are provided, and sessions are led by a professional instructor. Please wear comfortable clothing and suitable shoes.

Sessions will eventually evolve into social rides around the borough, once participants are able to ride safely in traffic.

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