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INUF Members Meet Wild Dinosaurs!

Ten lucky INUF members recently went on a “time travelling” trip, 67 million years ago, to visit “Dinosaurs in the Wild” in North Greenwich.

Our group boarded a “time machine”, which transported them back to scientific research station, TimeBase 67, set up in the Late Cretaceous Period. Once the time machine docked, it converted to a rugged land vehicle, that securely carried them across the hazardous Cretaceous plains, where they saw Triceratops and Alamosaurus.

Upon arrival at TimeBase 67, they disembarked at the reception area, where they discovered more about the TimeBase, then one of the expert guides took them through to the research laboratories, where scientists now study “living” dinosaurs.

Our members saw the Path Lab, where they got up close to a huge Alamosaurus heart, interacted with some eyeballs, teeth and claws, and even discovered what’s in dinosaur poo!

Then, moving on to the Autopsy Lab, they experienced a Pachycephalosaurus being dissected, and viewed the internal parts of the massive creature.

The Hatchery had three incubators, holding different species of dinosaur eggs, where the visitors learned about the variety of egg shapes, growth stages and the laying patterns of dinosaurs.

The Animal Lab was divided into nocturnal and daytime areas, and in it, our INUF members saw juveniles from species such as Leptoceratops or Ankylosaurus, that were hatched at the TimeBase, now being studied by the base’s scientists.

For INUF’s visit to TimeBase 67, the best was saved till last: The Lookout had panoramic windows offering breath-taking views of the prehistoric life teeming on the Cretaceous plains outside, where they saw a very large – and very angry – T. rex!

The whole experience was described by our members as “a little bit scary, but in a good way!”.

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