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The Boys Done Good!

The INUF seven-a-side football team, INUF Wanderers, are the proud winners of this year’s North West London League of the Middlesex FA League.

The INUF Wanderers with the cup. Front row from left: Eric Chinedu Ekedregwu; Amadu Tarawalli; Rakesh Rishi and Jermaine Logan. 2nd row from left: Darren Seabourne and Asif Ali. Back row: Chris Tzanetis; Dwayne Bryan and Andrew Grey.

The team meets to practise every Tuesday at West Ham Park from 10am till 1pm, and they play in the league once a month at the Brunel University Football Park in Uxbridge. They have to travel for over an hour each way to reach the ground, and play several matches each time. In total, the team has played 20 matches in nine months.

The INUF Wanderers started playing in this mental health league four years ago. In the first year, they came fourth out of the eight teams. The next year, they came third, and then last year, the team came second, so it has been steady progress.

“I’m extremely proud of the boys,” said Chris Tzantis, the INUF Manager. “It’s been four years in the making, but the success has made it all worthwhile. The sense of achievement is phenomenal!”.

The team celebrates its victory. From left: Eric Chinedu Ekedregwu; Asif Ali; Rakesh Rishi; Amadu Tarawalli; Jermaine Logan; Andrew Grey; Dwayne Bryan; Chris Tzanetis and Darren Seabourne.

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