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Let’s Get Technical! The INUF Men’s Group Visits the Science Museum

In previous men’s group sessions, we voted on the best 10 museums to visit in London, and then displayed this on a graph. The Science Museum came top of the list – closely followed by The Museum of London.

On 19 August, a group of six service users and three members of staff travelled by Tube to South Kensington station, the nearest station to the museum. The journey lasted about 40 minutes, and on arrival at the museum, we were presented with four floors of exhibits to choose from. We decided to work from the basement upwards.

There was much to see, including the topics of space exploration, travel, and technological developments/advancements. On the top two floors, there were touch-screen, interactive computer games for children, relating to science and the environment.

We ended our visit with a walk around the museum gift shop, where some of the service users bought souvenirs.

“I found it really interesting and informative, as well as enjoyable,” said Kamal Pathmanathan, one of the service users.

The group in the Museum Gift shop. From left: Shuheb Miah; Mohammed Asif, receptionist; Vanasinghe Poopalasinghe; Rakesh Rishi, men's group facilitator; Ramesh; Haroon Bhati; Kamal Pathmanathan; and Jadva Vekaria,

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