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Radio Gaga!

Last Friday, 16 August, INUF was interviewed on ReviveFM, a community radio station, based in the heart of Newham.

DJ, Abdul Malik, talked to Humaira Hussain, INUF Project Coordinator; Debbie Williams, Receptionist; and Michael Ahern, volunteer, for two hours.

Topics covered included what mental health is; symptoms of mental health problems; detecting problems; how to get support; and INUF’s work. Debbie and Michael, who are both former service users, told their stories, about how INUF has helped them progress into paid and volunteer work.

The ReviveFM team has been serving the community for over twenty years in various capacities. Having successfully broadcast online during Ramadan since 2014, they have built a massive following, achieving millions of hits on Facebook over the years. Through this community-led project, ReviveFM is at the forefront of bringing the diverse communities residing in Newham and its surrounding borough together, providing a true sense of community cohesion.

“We were really pleased to be able to spread the word about mental health, and all the good work that INUF does,” said Humaira Hussain.

THe INUF team in the studio. From left; From left: Debbie Williams, Receptionist; Humaira Hussain, INUF Project Coordinator, and Michael Ahern, volunteer.

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