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Who we are

INUF was founded in 1999 as an independent, signposting, support service for mental health service users and survivors in Newham.  The charity was established to address the needs of mental health service users and survivors, and to improve their communication involvement with service providers.

Over the years, we have managed to develop successfully, and to make a swift transition into becoming service providers.  Our aim is simple.  We want our service users to have a better quality of life, and to integrate back into society - even if it takes weeks, months or even years.  Every service user is unique, and has to face their own hardships and challenges, so we understand that each and every one of our members will move at their own pace.

INUF has moulded a tried and tested plan, that has successfully changed isolated individuals into fully-fledged, active members of society.  The projects that INUF provides are a stepping stone to self improvement, and cater to the needs of the individual, whether that is someone interested in socialising, exercising, volunteering, or requiring support on benefits.

Being one of the only user-led drop-in’s in the area, sets us apart from other organisations, and defines what INUF stands for.

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