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The Independent Newham Users’ Forum (INUF) is an independent, user-led, mental health charity, based in Stratford, London.  Our goal is to improve the lives of our members, by enhancing their skills, and helping boost their confidence.  The atmosphere is informal and relaxed, making INUF an inviting place for all to use on a daily basis: to socialise, find a voice, and improve their everyday quality of life.  

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Our Projects


Improving mental health and physical wellbeing and working towards a better you

Help & Advice

Providing Advocacy and advice seminars to support you


Improving your skills to help

build up your CV and guiding you to find a job that suits you


Help others by getting involved

in our charity


I attend INUF for four days a week. I spend most of the time in the IT room, playing games online and socializing!


- Neves Lobo

(Service User)

INUF has helped me to gain motivation, self esteem and confidence...


-Barry Graham

(Service User)

...Myself and the other service users are supportive of each other...Attending INUF breaks up the day and we get to socialize.


- Marieth Powell

(Service User)

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